Solar Heat BEYOND MAGIC anthology
The Shimmering novella
Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 0765355272
Publisher: Tor Paranormal Romance
Pub. Date: September 2008


Sandra Lowell tossed in her bed, half-asleep, her dream too delicious to wake up from. Without opening her eyes, she flung her hand toward the ringing alarm clock, hit the snooze button and slipped back into the arms of her dream lover. And oh . . . wow. Her dream man had powerful biceps that sported a two-headed serpent tattoo which twisted around his forearms, a chest as wide as a Kodiak bear's, and the arrogant features of a Viking, except for his dark hair. Perfect lips. Perfect cheekbones. Perfect fingers that wrapped around her neck and drew her mouth to his for a kiss that ravished, seduced, stroked.

Yum. Threading her hands into his hair, she tugged him closer and breathed in his exotic scent, an alien and erotic scent that caused her heart to pound. She leaned into his kiss, arched into his touch, ground her hips into his. He traced a path from her mouth to her collar bone, and in anticipation of him going lower, her breasts tingled.

Her alarm clock shrilled again and she wakened, pulse pounding, heart jolting. Her arms clutching . . . her pillow.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly, Sandra groaned. Another minute. She'd only needed one more damn minute to find release. Instead, she'd overslept and had no time to take off the edge herself. When it came to men, her social life was non existent. So it figured she'd run out of time and wake up from her dream—just when things were turning deliciously interesting.

With a sigh of frustration, she ripped back the sheet and padded toward the bathroom. Even in her dreams she'd never been that lucky.